“Pressing Policy Issues for the Charity Sector” with Bill Schaper

Bill Schaper talks about the surfacing challenges and policy concerns that arise from the changing nature of charitable giving and the increasing demand for charity. The discussion is on what is the broader relationship between the federal government, the economy, and charities.

"Pressing Policy Issues for the Charity Sector" with Bill Schaper

Bill Schaper

Bill Schaper is the Director of Public Policy in Imagine Canada’s Ottawa office. In past lives, he was a political staffer on Parliament Hill, the senior policy advisor to a federal cabinet minister, a policy analyst and GR practitioner for universities, an independent policy consultant, and a communications specialist for the United Kingdom’s Auditor General. In addition to working at Imagine Canada, Bill is a full-time assistant to four cats and a dog, who graciously allow him and his wife room and board in exchange for belly rubs and copious praise.

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