“The Future of Charities” with Gena Rotstein

In this episode, Gena Rotstein, a philanthropic adviser, shares how philanthropy is changing and how the charity field can shift to accommodate the new perspectives and trends.

The Future of Charity with Gena Rotstein

About Gena: Gena Rotstein, FEA, MA, is one of Canada’s leading experts in Social Enterprise and Philanthropy. The founder of Canada’s first Philanthropic Brokerage Firm, Dexterity Consulting leading into the creation of North America’s largest charity search engine, Dexterity Ventures Inc. and venture philanthropy fund – Place2Give Foundation. Gena sold her company in 2016 to Good Done Great, a BCorp based in Charleston, SC.

In September 2017, Gena launched along with Richard Ouellette Karma & Cents Inc. – A Social Impact Lab working with single and multi-family offices in designing impact driven legacy and philanthropy plans. To date, Karma & Cents supports families across Canada advising on over $200Million in charitable assets.

With over 20 years of social business management and non-profit work experience throughout Canada and the United States, Gena has worked with some of Canada’s most influential family foundations, family enterprises and financial institutions helping them generate greater social impact beyond traditional philanthropy for themselves and their customers.

She is a Rotarian and was a founding board member of a number of charities, non- profits and social enterprises including: CivicTechYYC, WINKCalgary a non-profit dedicated to providing educational opportunities for women around finances, and Sponsor Energy a unique social business utility company based in Alberta.

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