“Understanding Sponsorship” with Brent Barootes

The line between sponsorship and charitable giving is blurring. In this episode, Brent Barootes explains how sponsorship has taken off as a form of marketing, and how charities can better utilize sponsorships, even with legal limitations and its obstacles.

Understanding Sponsorship with Brent Barootes

Brent’s Bio: Brent Barootes is President and CEO of the Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists, a sponsorship marketing consulting firm.  Brent has worked with Canadian brands, charities and non-profits helping them all to generate more bottom-line revenue for their respective organizations through sponsorship. 

Brent is the author of Amazon.ca’s #1 Best Seller in the Nonprofit Marketing and Communications category; Reality Check – Straight Talk about Sponsorship Marketing. Brent is a regular speaker at conferences and conventions across Canada.

Brent lives with his wife and 14-year-old daughter in Nanaimo BC.

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